Lecture DESIGN = PRODUCTION at KISD, Cologne

Hans Sachs of responsive design talks, together with Sebastian Bächer of CNC Tischlerei Bächer GmbH, about the the potential merge of design and production with the upcoming and intensifying integration of digital tools in both processes. 

The talk "design = production" takes place at the KISD on Tuesday April 1st 2014. Please see more details about this series of lectures on KISD news /calendar..


Similar to the 18th and 19th century industrial revolution, we are, today, in a process of societal change driven by the 'digital revolution', that, among other factors, significantly influences architecture and design. While information technology and digital, rule-based, robotic processes already dominate large parts of our private and business live, industrial processes still primarily govern the production of (consumer) goods.

But although industrial production still dominates the building and design industry, digital techniques have helped in reinstating basic principles of craft production in which material and form are naturally intertwined into a tradition of making. Hereby digital manufacturing processes are rather related to the principals of crafts than industrial production as they emphasize the qualities of the materials used and provide higher flexibility during the development and production process.

Thus the methodology of the object development process changes: the design development process reaches up to the last produced model in a product series. In the same time the production cycle starts with the first prototype object. In this lecture Sebastian Bächer and Hans Sachs present various personal and cooperative mostly experimental works and projects, which focus on the increasingly blurring boundaries between design, development and production.