Bio Plastics Formfinding Workshop Cologne

At the Architecture Biennale PLAN12 in Cologne a bioplastics formfinding workshop, inspired and supported by the Materiability Resaerch Network, Superartitecture, Dingfabrik e.V. (FabLab Cologne), responsive design studio and architect Mauricio Rodriguez (MAS ETH) was held at the exhibtion space and studio of design and architecture office "Superartitecture".

Exhibtion Catalogue "Architectural Particles" available

Hans Sachs from responsive design wrote an article - "digital crafting" - about the design process and development of the exhibition's architecture.

The catalogue also contains articles by Prof. Oliver Fritz from Adaptive Architektur , Dr. Petra Hesse, director of the MAKK and Aysin Ipekci from Studyo Architects, curator of "Architectural Particles" and a comprehensive overview of the exhibited projects and objects.