Editors' Collection

Editors' Collection opens its Online Concept Store and we are proud to be represented with some of our finest products: Floater, Durian and possibly Chick 'n' Egg Chair.
For those of you residing in and around Munich, Bavaria, a temporary showroom will be open to the public from Tuesday, 27.11.12 until Saturday, 01.12.12.
The vernissage takes place on Monday, 26.11.12 from 18:30 - 22:00 at Widenmayerstraße 34, Munich.
According to the organizers the Shop will cover a large variety including furniture, lamps, bicycles, toys, etc... so go ahead, check it out!

Chick 'n' Egg 2012

We have revised the original Chick 'n' Egg Chair! The form has been improved for stability and comfort. The grasshopper script has been reprogrammed for speed and reliability to allow changes in size, material thickness or resolution of the waffle grid. And the machine setup has been setup for on demand production.

Still looking for a Christmas present? The chair can be ordered via email to shop@responsivedesign.de. Price available on request.

Bio Plastics Formfinding Workshop Cologne

At the Architecture Biennale PLAN12 in Cologne a bioplastics formfinding workshop, inspired and supported by the Materiability Resaerch Network, Superartitecture, Dingfabrik e.V. (FabLab Cologne), responsive design studio and architect Mauricio Rodriguez (MAS ETH) was held at the exhibtion space and studio of design and architecture office "Superartitecture".

Exhibtion Catalogue "Architectural Particles" available

Hans Sachs from responsive design wrote an article - "digital crafting" - about the design process and development of the exhibition's architecture.

The catalogue also contains articles by Prof. Oliver Fritz from Adaptive Architektur , Dr. Petra Hesse, director of the MAKK and Aysin Ipekci from Studyo Architects, curator of "Architectural Particles" and a comprehensive overview of the exhibited projects and objects.


x_shelf is a generatively designed bookshelf, made entirely from CNC-milled Alucobond boards, that were folded into modules to form a self-supporting system.

Exhibition Design for "Architekturteilchen"

Responsive Design Studio developed and realized the exhibiton design for "Architecture Particles" in collaboration with Studyo Architects, Grossgestalten (graphics) and with kind support by Bayer Material Science and  Ligaproduction.

The exhibition design concept is based on a sphere packing method known from molecular structures of metalls, such as i.e. silver and gold. In the arrangement of non-overlapping spheres result octahedral and tetrahedral gaps. Based on these platonic solids combined with principles of generative design, a modular system was developed to present exhibited objects and projects on print media and integrated video screens. Our main objective was to develope a dynamic, recognizable design which refers to the exhibition theme and complys with the historic MAKK building by Rudolf Schwarz.

Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln


Phototropia is part of an ongoing series on the application of smart materials in an architectural context and was realized in April 2012 by the Master of Advanced Studies class at the Chair for CAAD, supervised by Manuel Kretzer.

"Architekturteilchen" at MAKK, Cologne

First and second day of installing the exhibition architecture (responsive design studio / STUDYO ARCHITECTS) which will guide visitors through the exhibition "architectural particles - modular construction in the digital age" (curatorship by Aysin Ipekci ). The exhibiton will open on upcoming Friday May 11th at 7pm at the MAKK, Cologne, Germany

Eindrücke vom ersten und zweiten Aufbautag der Ausstellungsarchitektur (responsive design studio / STUDYO ARCHITECTS) zur Ausstellung "Architekturteilchen - Modulares Bauen im digitalen Zeitalter" (Kuratorium: Aysin Ipekci ). Die Ausstellung startet am Freitag, den 11. Mai um 19:00 Uhr im MAKK, Köln

Molecular Utopia

Manuel Kretzer spoke about his research into "Smart Materials" at the Chair for CAAD, ETH Zürich to the 2011/12 MAS class as an introduction to their current module M6.

Architektur mit Knick

Prototypes by CIAD Students - Wintersemester 2011/2012

supervision by: Prof. Oliver Fritz

Course held by:

Dipl.-Ing Hans Sachs


Ali Abedi
Damian Krey
Eugenia Großmann
Johann Eckartz
Patrick Adams
Pedris Admanpour
Tim Wagner
Daniel Vetter
Lucas Bauer

supported by: 3A Composites GmbH

Music: soundcloud.com/maxknospe
Video: Benjamin Windhoff


Autonomous Materials

Manuel will speak about "Autonomous Materials" at the Royal College of Art, School of Architecture, ADS1 on Tuesday, 03.04.2012 at 17:00.

Inspiring Matter Conference

Manuel Kretzer is invited to present his research at the Inspiring Matter Conference in London on Monday, 02.04.2012 at 14:20.
The event is hosted at the Royal College of Art and will feature plenary talks by Sir Richard Friend, FRS, Cavendish Professor at the University of Cambridge; Anna Valtonen - Rector at the Umea Design Institute and former head of Design Research & Foresight at Nokia; Mike Davies, CBE - architect at Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners; and Susanne Kuechler - anthropologist and Professor of Material Culture at UCL.
More detailed programme here: http://inspiringmatter.org/programme/

Floater at Swissbau

Floater is exhibited together with Sleepbox by Caspar Lohner from 17th to 21th January at Swissbau 2012, the most important meeting point for the construction and real-estate industry in Switzerland and one of the biggest specialist exhibitions in Europe.

Superartitecture - Responsive Design Studio with CNC Tischlerei Bächer and morphe.de at the Passagen 2011

exhibition with Responsive Design / Exelsia / Jan Paul Evers / Okinawa 69 / JH Design / CNC Tischlerei Bächer GmbH / morphe.de


18.1.2012 I 20:00 I presentation by Hans Sachs