Quarter Iso Grid Cardboard Surfboard Study

Inspired and led by Mike Sheldrake's cardboard surfboards we created a fully parametric grasshopper definition, that generates a cardboard connector system as 3D model. With this tool, which we created in a "spare time project" , you can load in and process almost any surfboard shape you want...

The Grasshopper definition unrolls, numbers and layouts all edge curves to be cut by a laser cutter.
After having cut and assembled all parts we followed Mike's great glassing instructions on his webpage. This is the result of our study so far.. further pics are coming when finished and tested in the North Sea..

our Team: Till Hartmann, Maik Holtiegl , Hans Sachs
Supporters: CNC Tischlerei Bächer GmbH, Denise, Andreas Naumann
very special Thanks to Mike Sheldrake for his advice and kind support