Weather Frogs

This set of small plastic creatures was hand-molded from a self-made color-changing plastic. As the environmental temperature increases the frogs slowly adjust their color and become white. Great for fun in the bathtub, too!

Architecture of Play

Dipl.-Ing (arch) MAS LA ETH Christine Baumgartner, Dipl.-Ing (arch) Manuel Kretzer, Dipl.-Ing (arch) Hans Sachs, 2013


The aim of this paper to highlight the enabling powers of participative architectural design strategies and thus leaving space for uncertainty and surprise, with a particular focus on the work of Responsive Design Studio, a young emerging practice based in Zurich and Cologne. The playful synergies that can result from a constant dialogue between designer and user, object and function and the successful application of digital design and fabrication techniques as new, encouraging tools rather than dominating drivers are exemplified in a number of international projects that the studio has realized within the past few years.