Oooglow is a lampshade made from phosphorescent polyester resin.
It's shape is generatively designed based on the same principles as the Tong-Zi-Dan series.

Defined by certain preferences an unlimited amount of forms can thus be produced.

In the present case, the dimensions of the shape and amount of faces were determined by the bed-size of the available laser cutter and foldability of the polypropylene sheet which was used for the mold.

The production is based on a rotational molding technique, also similar to the Tong-Zi-Dan gypsum vases.
However the polyester plastic makes for a much more durable and solid object. The procedure involves mixing 700ml of polyester resin with 100g of phosphorescent pigments. When the pigments are fully dispersed 28ml (4%) of hardener are added and the solution poured into the mold. The mold has to be continuously rotated for about 20 minutes until the resin has solidified. The mold can be removed after 12 hours of curing. It takes another few days until the object is completely hard.

The lamp is equipped with a LED light which doesn't heat up the plastic but sufficiently charges the luminescent pigments.

Once the light is turned off the lamp emits a greenish glow over a period of several hours.

Big Thanks to Achilleas Xydis!