Dingfabrik Köln e.V. gets new workspace

The Dingfabrik Köln e.V., Cologne's first and community based FabLab, where Hans Sachs of responsive design and our partner Sebastian Bächer of Tischlerei Bächer GmbH are active members, moves from the the old "Deutz Gasmotorenwerk" to a new 500 sqm workspace in Cologne Nippes.

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The old warehouse-like spaces offer a great opportunity to enlarge the Dingfabrik's member group of 50 people and make it possible to implement a much bigger wood workshop with new digital fabrication opportunities, like industrial robots etc.
In addition the open spaces invite every member but also not-yet-members to organise events, exhibitions and conferences in and around the FabLab scene.
Soon - in August/September 2013 - the self financed and built laser cutter (60 Watt/ 1200x600mm), the 3-axis mill, various 3D printers and all workshop equipment will be moved to the new place.
Interested ones are always wanted and very welcome to help to build up the Dingfabrik spaces.